Tag: Bloganuary

  • Bloganuary: Day 5

    Here’s a new prompt from the Bloganuary challenge: What brings you joy in life? Ahhh, an easy one! I would say traveling and food! So here are some of my favorite pictures:

  • Bloganuary: Day 4

    Time for another prompt from the Bloganuary challenge: What is a treasure that’s been lost? Wait, this seems to be getting trickier, hmmm, my goal is to share my pictures, but I don’t have a picture of my youth, all the IRL interactions we lose in this digital world, or maybe a famous person that […]

  • Bloganuary: Day 3

    Carrying on with the Bloganuary prompts, here’s the one for today: What is the earliest memory you have? Hm, I’m not really sure, going to school for the first time? Spending summer at the beach? I don’t really like to look at the past. One thing I can say for sure, is that I have […]

  • Bloganuary: Day 2

    Second day of the Bloganuary, and the prompt for today is: How are you brave? Am I really brave? Are we? How do you define being brave? Aren’t we all brave for surviving another day? That’s a very deep question. I’ll go with being brave enough to fly in the skies, so I’ll leave you […]