A beautiful Red-and-green macaw! One of my favorite shots, right from the GramadoZoo. This shot was back in April, the first time going out with my new camera, exciting! 🤩

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4 responses to “Macaws”

  1. A. I. Sajib Avatar

    Great shot! I don’t know how much editing you’ve done (if any), but I think reducing the highlights around the eye area would have made the bird look so much more detailed! Sorry for the unsolicited tip haha!

    1. Carina Pilar Avatar

      Hahaha, thanks for the tip! My editing skills are currently limited to applying presets in Lightroom. 😅

      1. A. I. Sajib Avatar

        Ha ha 😀 That’s a start! Are you using Lightroom on mobile/iPad or Desktop? There’s a Highlights slider that you can move to the left to recover details in the highlights/slightly overexposed areas without darkening the darker parts of the image.

      2. Carina Pilar Avatar

        Ahhh, interesting, I’ll try that out! I’m using Lightroom on desktop.

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