Bloganuary: Day 1

Back in December, I decided to redesign this blog and would like to post more. So I joined Bloganuary this year! A series of writing prompts, for each day of January.

Today’s prompt is:

What is something you want to achieve this year?

The year 2022 was such a convoluted one, lots of good and bad things (it feels like it was more of the latter), the ending wasn’t good and had lots of triggering events. Following the new year vibes, I’m really looking forward to improving my health, exercising more, eating less sugar, reading, blogging, and journalling more – even did a spreadsheet (of course) to track progress! 🙌

I also would like to take more pictures! I got a new camera back in March, with a lens that’s more suitable for bird watching, in the next months, I’m looking forward to getting another one for macro and landscape (and food pictures!).

Time to share some pictures!

As for the bird, looks like a female saffron finch? 🤔

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5 responses to “Bloganuary: Day 1”

  1. Mariel Ortega Avatar

    Do I spy a fellow bird lover???? 😀

    1. Carina Pilar Avatar

      YES!! I hope to publish more bird pictures this year! 😄

  2. Rosie M Avatar

    Those pics are amazing! :hugs: and wishing 2023 comes full of amazing things for you!! ❤

    1. Carina Pilar Avatar

      Thanks, Rosie! To you too! ❤️

  3. Chrissie Avatar

    Wow! Those pics are great for the soul. Thanks for sharing. I hope 2023 brings all the best to you and your world.

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