Division Meetup: Denver

Back in November, we had our first big meetup, with 500+ people, this time, in Denver, CO, USA. 🙂

It was amazing to see everyone again, after almost 3 years (last GM was in September 2019, and team meetup in January 2020)! This meetup had all Happiness (the support team), and was the first meetup of more than 50% Automatticians, incredible.

The only bad part for me was to get in Denver, as any other place that requires 3 flights, it was a long trip, from home to the hotel it took a total of 34 hours, and 31 hours to get back. I also got whatever bug you get on these long trips, so I spent a couple weeks fighting a sore throat and running nose (thankfully not Covid!). But the experience was amazing, I went a couple days before the event so I could rest a bit, and had no issues during the trip. Arrived on the airport in Denver, extremely tired, got a car and drove to the hotel. Woke up early to beautiful, and cold, views with amazing fall colors! Except for the cold, which reached -8ºC (17.6 °F) at some point, I really loved Denver!

As for the event, we had lots of different activities, workshops, nice AMAs, team time and support time together. It’s amazing to feel all the energy and how important it is to have this IRL time, so many connections!

Here are all my favorite pictures! Let’s start with Denver:

Then food!

A bit from the event:

We also went to Meow Wolf, an interesting art place:

Finishing with my usual pictures from the airplane:

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