The 2019′ Grand Meetup

Today I’ll share photos and facts about the 2019′ Grand Meetup!

The Grand Meetup is an annual event for the company I work for, Automattic. Everyone at the company works remotely and once a year we meet somewhere in the world, this year was in Orlando, Florida. As some of you already know, it’s one of my favorite cities, so it was really nice to go there again! And even better to see all the colleagues! 🇧🇷

During the event, we stayed in a hotel completely customized for the GM. We were close to Disney Springs, and despite the heat in Florida at this time of year, we were able to enjoy it and walk around a bit too. At the event we participate in lectures, classes, work together, and have several opportunities to interact with colleagues from around the world and especially with colleagues from our own team.

We usually have all our meals at the hotel, but one of the nights we had the Marvel Islands park (at Universal) just for us, with different food, shops, and rides to enjoy. In my case, with my fear of roller coasters, I only went on the Spiderman ride, which is a mixture of a cart on a rail with 3D images, fantastic! Another afternoon we went on a boat ride from Disney Springs to one of the Disney resorts, looking for the famous Mickey Beignets, wonderful! 😄

Below I share some (several) photos, and of course, I couldn’t miss capturing the food these last few days!

And the food! 😄

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